Registration platform guide

Step 1

Access the registration platform by clicking on the following button:

On the registration page, click on the “Click here to register” button.

Step 2

Create a user profile with your personal data. In this step, please indicate your IEEE Membership number.

  • The IEEE Membership number is obligatory for accessing the reduced fees. We will check the consistency of the registration, and if you are not eligible as an IEEE/RAS member, you will need to pay the full registration fee.

Please include the Papercept number of the paper you want to cover. Please remember that:

  • Student registration can be used to attend the conference but CANNOT be used for the publication of accepted papers. If a student is the only author presenting the paper, he/she must register with a full registration fee (either in-person or virtual) for the paper to be included in the publication.
  • Each IN-PERSON registration can upload up to two accepted papers, but the second paper will be subject to a €250 additional paper surcharge. If you wish to include a second paper with the additional fee, please include the Papercept number of this second paper in the “Additional paper no. (additional fee)” box.

If you wish to employ the IEEE RAS Member Support Program discount, please enter the code in the designated box. More information on the eligibility criteria and the discount code is available here:

Step 3

Please select the participation fee. CASE 2024 offers the flexibility to attend in person or virtually, with options for both full registration and student registration. More information on registration policies, fees, and important information is available here:

  • If you select student registration, you will be asked to provide a certificate of your enrollment in a course or a Ph.D. program after registration.
  • If you are eligible select the IEEE RAS Member Support Program discount rates.

Step 4

Please add any additional services. Please note that:

  • If you are including a second paper, please add the “additional paper fee.”
  • The number of pages (including text, figures, tables, acknowledgments, and references) is limited to six, but two additional pages will are permitted at an extra page charge of €150/page. Please select the number of additional pages needed for both papers.
  • All in-person fees include the gala dinner and all other social events (accompanying person ticket). Please add them here only if you want to buy additional tickets for other people, such as your family members.

Step 5

If you wish to book a hotel, please add it here. More information on accommodation options can be found here:

Step 6

Please provide the data for the invoice and proceed to the payment by card or wire transfer.

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